Positive and negative behavior are actually two different sides of the same coin. Children display what we refer to as challenging behavior because haven’t developed the social, emotional, language, and cognitive skills yet to behave positive ways.

As Canonsburg-PA childcare professionals, we see the challenging behavior as an opportunity for the child to learn. Our responses to challenging behaviors can teach children the necessary skills to behave in properly. In addition, we work to eliminate challenging behaviors by creating classrooms environment that are developmentally appropriate for the age of the children in that classroom. Also, by establishing daily routines that will allow the children to excel.

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Understanding Our Children

Understanding that children need to learn appropriate social skills just as they need to learn math, literacy, and science skills! If a 3-year-old is pinching, it is not because he is a “bad boy” but because perhaps he needs to learn how to communicate his frustration in more constructive and positive ways. If a 2-year-old is not listening, it’s not to make you angry, but because she needs to learn efficient ways to deal with anxiety.

Bubbles Bears To Book’s experienced Canonsburg childcare providers have collectively established strategies that enable teachers to target a child’s specific behavioral and developmental needs in appropriate ways. Our providers work directly with you to establish a custom plan that’s tailors to your specific child’s needs. We understand that no children are exactly alike, our goal is to make sure every child learns the best way that suits their personality. Your child’s educational and developmental journey is a partnership between teachers and families.

In Conclusion

Do you have any questions or concerns about your child’s behavior? Just ask your teacher. We’re here to support you and help in any way we can! Bubbles Bears To Books wants your child to not only succeed in kindergarten, but in all of life ahead!

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