Having a toddler can be a handful at time, but also a blessing!  With the two most common things in your household being messes ad noises. Also, at this age Canonsburg-PA toddlers are doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing, learning and developing. It seems like everyday their understanding of the world is expanding and developing their own personalities

Toddlers typically love different fun textures, bright colors, loud noises, and all types of movements. In addition, experiencing new things brings new information and discoveries that help children figure out the world they’re living in.

Canonsburg-PA Toddlers Creatively Expressing Themselves Through Painting

We’re keeping the noisy fun and learning going in our preschool classrooms by introducing kids to news objects that they can use to paint with. Common household items such as, spatula and spoons, allowing our Canonsburg-PA toddlers to creatively express themselves however they feel fit. Importantly, all our paint is washable, and we keep a close on them, so don’t worry! Quickly, the toddlers start figuring out how much they have while slapping the paint onto the paper creating sound while painting. Also, the toddlers love the ability to make the noise and not being stopped.

In Conclusion

In addition to building hand-eye coordination, spatula and spoon art brings a lot to the learning room. By using spatula and spoon instead of paintbrushes, children are developing flexible thinking as they begin to realize that some objects can have more than one use. It’s expanding their minds while allowing them to have a great time. Your child is working on their flexible thinking by exploring creative uses for item commonly found at home. Bubbles Bears To Books is the best Canonsburg-PA Daycare for children ages 0–12.

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