Early Preschool Program Canonsburg-PA

Canonsburg Early Preschool Program

Preparing for Preschool

The perfect preparation for preschool, Early Preschool features our age appropriate curriculum, which was specially designed for 30- to 42-month-old children. Bubbles Bears To Books helps them build the self-performing skills and routines that all independent learners need. This builds a solid foundation for your child and allows them to thrive going into preschool.

In This program, Children Will Discover:

  • Encouraging classroom settings
  • Individual goal-oriented curriculum
  • Captivating learning experiences

Partnering With Our Parents For Early Preschool

We actively partner with parents to help your child learn important independent life skills like potty training and hand washing in our Early Preschool program. Our staff pays close attention to all aspects of your child’s development. Also, all the activities are engaging and they are designed to fascinate early preschoolers.

Right Experiences at the Right Time

Our teachers provide a safe, nurturing environment where your child can explore and stretch their talents to the fullest while building confidence. Your child is having fun, not even aware of all the learning that’s happening. Our early preschool program is the best of it's kind, our teachers work hard to prepare your child!

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