Education for 2-Year-Olds Canonsburg-PA

Canonsburg Education for 2-Year-Olds

The terrific twos! All Most all 2-year-olds are filled with energy and curiosity about what’s happening around them. Bubbles Bears To Books program opens more space for movement and exploration. Also, we incorporate learning materials, a variety of play centers and a more challenging curriculum that promotes their growing independence and cognitive abilities. In addition, our teachers work hard establishing a solid foundation for education for 2-year olds.

The dedicated staff at Bubbles Bears To Books will introduce your child to various hands-on exercises and methods of ‘productive play’ which help lay the foundation for more advanced preschool activities. Also, our teachers introduce more structure into their daily routine and new learning subjects with more intensive lesson plans. While daily activities are play-based, we encourage your child to be more mindful of their actions so that they transition to preschool confidently, trusting their instincts and expressing themselves freely. 

Milestones For Education 2 Year Olds

Communicative: Your child’s language skills are far more advanced when they enter the Terrific 2's. Also, twos mostly repeat and mimic what they hear, speak in small sentences and hold back-and-forth conversations, can recount their day and tell you the “who, what, where, when, how and why” of their experiences. In addition, you may notice your child singing and improvising the words along the way. They can follow along when stories are read aloud, identify and associate words with pictures and understand the meaning behind the words in their expanding vocabulary.

Executive Function: Your two-year-old may reject your efforts to help them with self-care and regulating activities such as dressing and assembling toys. Also, twos have the ability to focus on and study subjects, memorize conversations and locations, listen attentively and decode problems with reflective thought. Before your child transitions to Preschool, we ensure that they are fully potty trained, able to follow instructions and control impulses as they get used to new experiences.


Turning Points For Education 2 Year Olds

Cognitive: Your child is an eager learner and absorbs knowledge from all aspects of their surroundings. Therefore, twos understand mathematical ideas such as increasing and decreasing quantities, differentiating sizes and volumes and recognizing patterns and sequences such as anticipating what’s next in their daily schedule. You may hear them ask “why?” or “what’s that?” quite often – this is their critical thinking skills working to process and digest information by compartmentalizing the components of a problem. In addition, they classify and group things that belong together and become aware of their physical environment and ecosystem.

Social - Emotional: Your child may start to display favoritism and empathy to family members. They develop attachments to those that make them feel loved and show conscientiousness about their actions to protect the feelings of others. Also, your child experiences a range of new emotions as they can better understand what makes them feel a certain way. At times, they can effectively calm themselves when upset and redirect their engagement to avoid conflict. They are more socially evolved and engage in parallel play as opposed to solitary play. They want their friends near but recognize that they are individuals and are able to sit in the same vicinity, engage in the same activity but maintain their own identity and not be influenced by what their peer is doing.

Creative & Physical Development For 2-Year Olds

Creative Expression: Allowing “free-time” beginning in your childs classroom, this space allows children to gravitate to a center that best suits their interests and activate their imagination without expectations. but your child may opt to express themselves through socio-dramatic play by dressing up and acting in different familial and societal roles. With more control of their reflexes and hand-eye coordination, their dance moves are fluid and more rhythmic. Arts & crafts go to a new level in this program as twos can manipulate different mediums, use creative tools like scissors and control their hands to form shapes and pictures with crayons and clay.

Physical Development and Wellness:
Twos are moving and exploring their bodies, they can run fast and play games that involve muscle control such as kicking and catching balls. Also, twos are more health-conscious and are aware when they are “dirty”. They attempt to groom themselves, can wash their hands without assistance and clean up behind themselves.

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