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Learning And Infant Care Canonsburg-PA

As a parent, you face a big decision on deciding what infant daycare provider to use. Most importantly, when considering childcare for your infant or toddler is that age 0–3 are the absolute most important developmental years of your child's life. If your child receives proper care during these years, he or she will avoid physical, mental and emotional obstacles in the years to come. Regrettably, many daycares for infants and toddlers have such an uneven ratio that it is impossible for them to give any child the care they need to thrive. Parents know that at Bubbles Bears To Books we make it our duty to provide the best quality of services to every child!

Our preschool, childcare & learning centers offer a wide variety of activities and experiences that promote social interaction, language and literacy development, as well as creative thinking skills for your child.

Infant Program Canonsburg-PA

Infants receive so much more than just daycare. Our babies feel secure, happy and safe in our classroom that was designed to accommodate infants. Also, our experienced teachers develop trust and establish a bond with each baby. In addition, every infant has a primary provider and caregiver that allows you to have a direct point of contact to guide your child’s development.

Our Canonsburg-PA infant program consists of the following:

  • Nurturing & Safe Environments
  • Educational Toys and Stimulating Activities
  • Milestone Focused Curriculum
  • Captivating learning Experience

Infant Daycare

When babies crawl or feel a new fabric, they are exploring their environment and discovering the world around them, establishing a strong foundation for learning.

Teachers and parents work together to create a daily schedule full of learning experiences and caregiving moments. Individual and small-group connection activities and rich, meaningful interactions encourage babies’ cognitive skills as they learn to navigate their world. Enrichment programs, such as baby sign language and baby yoga, help to prepare your child for the learning ahead.

As children’s physical and exploration skills develop, the first steps classroom offers new challenges and discoveries. Our teachers nurture and encourage the children as they begin to communicate, crawl and walk. These developing skills lead to an expansion of emotions, such as frustration if children stumble while learning to walk, and joy when they succeed.

All programs are customized to your child’s progress, needs and age. Schedule a tour today to experience a day in the life of your infant!

Safety Infant Daycare Program Canonsburg-PA

In our nursery, your baby’s safety and security is the highest priority at all times, no matter what!

We adhere to all of the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for safe sleep. Babies are placed on their backs to sleep in cribs that are compliant with the most up-to-date standards. Cribs are not shared; no soft bedding is permitted in the cribs and our highly trained teachers complete documented crib checks on sleeping infants at least every five minutes.

Our nurseries are baby-proofed and proper infant-to-teacher ratios are always maintained. Infants are always held when bottle-fed, and all toys are age-appropriate and sanitized. Extra measures are in place to ensure hand washing and diapering are performed to maintain the highest level of cleanliness.

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