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Bubbles Bears To Books provides support to our highly trained educators, allowing them to effectively inspire the development of children in all our programs. In addition, we work to help them develop their skills, so they can become the best  version of thelselves. Also, allowing them to provide the best education experience for your children. 

Our child development tools provide current training and classroom best practices to all our centers educators to ensure they stay at the front of the pack. 

Pennsylvania requires its prospective preschool teachers to obtain the same certification as any other level of K-12 teacher, including meeting testing requirements and receiving proper recommendations.

Instructional Certificate

All prospective teachers in Pennsylvania must complete a state-approved teacher certification program. Practically every type of teacher must earn the same type of certificate, whether she wishes to teach special education, chemistry, social studies or art. Early childhood educators are among those who much earn this certificate, which is referred to as an Instructional Certificate.

Teacher Testing Requirements

Prospective teachers must meet the testing requirements set forth by the Pennsylvania State Board of Education. For preschool teachers, this includes the Early Childhood Education Praxis exam, a 120-question multiple-choice exam that tests your knowledge regarding language and cognitive development, curriculum theory, professional responsibilities and other requirements regarding the education of children ages 3 through 8.

Continuing Education

The Pennsylvania State Board of Education issues two levels of teaching certification. The initial certification, Level I, is obtained after completing the requisite teacher preparation program, passing the Praxis exam and passing background checks. This certificate is valid for six school years of service as an educator, during which time the owner must complete the requirements to obtain a Level II certificate. This certificate requires the completion of 24 semester hours of graduate education. Level I certificates are non-renewable, so new teachers must complete their continuing education hours before they can advance to Level II.

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