Story Time Canonsburg-PA

Canonsburg-PA Daycare Story Time

Story time is a great way to introduce young children into the joy of books. But, what do you do if your daycare children aren’t interested in books? Toddlers have short attention spans, and many are too busy walking, dancing, squatting, rolling, running, reaching, stacking, etc. to stay in one spot long enough to look at a book. Bubble Bears To Books loves reading to your children!

Keeping Children Engaged in Reading.

Ask questions along the way to help promote speech development and comprehension. Point out words that might be new to their vocabulary and talk about how the words are used and what they mean. Also, we ask questions that evoke emotion and reflective inquiry, such as, “What would you do in this situation? Why do you think the character behaved in that way? Have you ever encountered a similar situation? Who does the character remind you of? How does the character feel? In addition, being creative during story time and using different personalities to bring children’s books to life. Using different voices for each character or acting out parts of the story can make story time even more memorable and enjoyable for your child.

Over the years our expert Canonsburg-PA childcare professionals have mastered how to keep children engaged during story time! Also, for many children’s it's one of the most enjoyable activities for them each day!

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